My Cars

I have owned 3 GT6's in total. The first was a Royal Blue MK1 (BKX 319F). I suspect this car is long gone. I sold it when the floors started dropping out. The next owner did a lot of work on the car but unfortunately it was stolen and although it was recovered in tact and undamaged I think it may have been scrapped by the insurance company. The next GT6 was a MK2 which was in need of love and attention. I did some body work and rebuilt the engine but eventually sold this as the sills rusted out for a second time. After driving an eclectic mix of cars for the next few years (none of which were in particularly good condition) I moved on to company car ownership. I still hankered after a GT6 and once finances allowed I decided to get another GT6. Of course I should have stumped up enough cash to get a good car that I could use straight away but somehow ended up with my current restoration project!

My first GT6 was this Royal Blue MK1. I really enjoyed this car but didn't look after it well. It was very much my daily driver. Eventually it had to go as the floor pan rotted out and I didn't have the cash to repair it at the time.

My second GT6 was a MK2 - white when purchased but after replacing rear wings and sills I re sprayed it Pimento. I also rebuilt and balanced the engine and had the gearbox rebuilt by a small outfit in Twickenham which I think may have been Kingston Sport cars (Tony Lindsay-Dean). I also fitted 1.75 inch Strombergs. It went well but the gearbox packed up for a second time and the floor rotted out so it too went to be replaced by a MK3 Cortina!!

This is my current MK2 as brought. Pretty tatty butit was just what I was after, a very late MK2 face lifted model with overdrive.