Triumph Spares

Here are links to some of the parts suppliers that I have and do use. I haven't listed any supplier that I would not not be happy to use again

Canley Classics Usually my first port of call for most spares. On-line ordering

Chris Witor Really useful company. I used Chris for engine parts as he knows what is good and what is poor quality and supplies high quality parts. Also he is Superflex. No On-line ordering.

Rimmer Brothers Sometimes expensive but not always - worth checking and sometimes have quite obscure parts. I managed to get one of my hard to find Rotoflex back plates brand new from here. Good website but not too sure about its recent revamp - I prefer their old site

James Paddock Not used very often but seem OK

Wins & Co New and secondhand parts seem to have a good reputation

Sports Car Supplies Often have useful offers on ebay.

Triumph Services

Some of the people who I have used to get things done on my car
Chic Doig Chick supplied and repaired my replacement shell and doors as well as repairing the windscreen frame for me. He is very knowledgeable and I would use him much more if he wasn't 450 miles away.
Anglian Triumph David Aspinal did some extra bodywork and painted the car for me. He was very helpful in collecting and delivering the car back to me
Mike Papworth No website but can be contacted on or 02476 644499 or 07768 775170. Mike is a recognised expert in all things Triumph transmission and has huge knowledge on Triumphs in general

General spares

Some of the suppliers that I have used for more general non Triumph specific parts.
Autosparks I brought nearly all the parts that I needed for the rewire and modification of the electrics. Autosparks are one of the most efficient and reliable suppliers I have used. Highly recommended
Stafford Vehicle Components Lots of useful electrical parts here. Especially knowledgeable about Lucas wiper systems.
Namrick For nuts, bolts, brake pipe, pipe fittings and many other useful bits of hardware. Good reliable service.
Andrew Turner (Carburettors) Really helpful and knowledgeable on the Triumph carbs. I would always use Andrew in preference to the other well known Carburettor company.

The Clubs

The two main clubs supporting GT6 ownership are the Triumph Sports Six Club and Club Tiumph. Both clubs have websites and useful messageboards.